Posted on: November 24, 2014

Jesus changes lives! He is changing lives in the cities, neighborhoods, and subcultures in our region through the gospel-centered mission of our church planters. Jeremy Chambers (church planter with SENT Network in downtown Richmond) recently encouraged us with this update. I thought I’d share it with you.

Recently a few people put their faith in Jesus and, as a result, their circles of influence are being impacted by the change that Jesus has brought into their lives. Our friends who recently put their faith in Jesus, are SO RADICALLY DIFFERENT than before, that their friends are quite disturbed about the change. Some of them are wondering, “could this be real?” and “are they faking this ‘jesus thing?'” (because they are just incredulous at the change taking place in the lives of those who are now beginning to walk with Jesus for the first time!). In turn, this is opening up some wonderful opportunities for us to share the gospel in very candid conversations with the other friends who do not know Jesus. Remember, lots of these people are in the drug culture and into other marginalized or self afflicted people groups in the city, but they too are beginning to consider Jesus!!! – Jeremy Chambers

Thank you for partnering with us to see changed lives!

For the gospel,

Mark McGeever

Executive Director | Equipper SENT Network