TIMES12 is committed to pursuing our mission with gospel centrality, biblical fidelity, and sound theology.

That said, we aren’t above having blind spots. Therefore, we know we must humbly rely on God’s Spirit for help and learn from both the historic and global church.

See Our Beliefs to learn what we mean by Jesus and the gospel, how we use The Lausanne Movement Cape Town Confession of Faith for Our Confession of Faith, see Our Positions, and why we commend the historic church’s Apostles’ Creed.

  • "TIMES12’s customized equipping developed me into a better church planter. I’m indebted to their intentionality in helping me grow into the best church planter possible."

    Adam Muhtaseb
    Lead Planter/Pastor
    Redemption City Church
  • "Through TIMES12, our church planters have been equipped in residency and are being coached on the field. Any church considering a church planting focus...any spiritual leader considering becoming a church planter...should take a prayerful look at this highly relational, gospel-centered ministry."

    Greg St. Cyr
    Lead Pastor
    Bay Area Community Church
  • "TIMES12 cares for my soul, always point my family and me back to Christ, while equipping me with the necessary skills to plant The Well. "

    Matt Klingler
    Lead Planter/Pastor
    The Well Community Church