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God’s used the proven expertise of TIMES12 to equip church planters and empower sending churches to expand his kingdom.

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Celebrating 5 Years in Mercytown, USA

On Sunday, April 16, the congregation of Epiphany Church lined up in formation and did the Electric Slide. It was not an irreverent addition to their morning worship set, but a fun element of their 5-year anniversary celebration following the day’s services. Epiphany Church was planted in April 2018 to…


“It’s more like India or Afghanistan than it is like Cleveland, because it’s not that people are irreligious, they are deeply religious and their religion encapsulates the entirety of their lives.” That was how church planting pastor Austin Glenn described not a foreign country, but Davis County, Utah, shortly after…

Going and Gathering

“I’ve always had a church planting heartbeat,” pastor Wes White stated on a sunny February afternoon, explaining that he has helped churches plant new churches over nearly three decades, and planted one himself in Spain. Now, the Lord is leading Wes to partner with TIMES12 to plant a new gospel-centered…