TIMES12 trains the trainers.

We provide training courses for church planters, pastors, leaders, and sending churches to better train their people. These courses include short introductory workshops for those exploring a partnership with TIMES12. Our main courses feature training on key elements of our Gospel-Centered DNA for our network partners. These Gospel DNA courses blend online learning with active training in person. TIMES12 also collaborates with seminaries to help leaders from our partner churches earn credits toward accredited seminary degrees for reduced costs in a timely way. See a summary below of our training workshops and courses, then schedule a call to explore what’s involved in a partnership with TIMES12.


Introductory Training Workshops

For those exploring partnership with us.

  • Sending Church Workshop: Explore Partnering with TIMES12 to Prepare & Send Church Planters
  • Church Planter Workshop: Explore Partnering with TIMES12, Customized Prep Plans, & Building a Team of Giving Partners


Gospel-Centered DNA Training Courses

For those in partnership with us.

  • Gospel Centrality: Centering on King Jesus & the Gospel of Grace
  • Rooting: Rooting New Disciples & Church Members in Gospel Essentials
  • Holistic Mission: Activating Christ’s Body to Serve with Unity & Diversity in Holistic Mission
  • Multiplying Disciple Makers: Developing Disciples Who Make Disciples
  • Multiplying Leaders & Elders: Developing More Disciple-Making Leaders & Elders to Serve
  • Preaching & Teaching: Sharpening the Christ-Centered Expositor
  • Visioning & Teamwork: Building Vision Clarity & Healthy Leadership Teamwork
  • Cultivating Generosity: Cultivating a Generous & Self-Supporting Church


Seminary Courses

For those in partnership with us, earn a degree at reduced cost, LBC | Capital.

  • MA in Leadership Studies
  • MA in Pastoral Studies

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  • "TIMES12’s customized equipping developed me into a better church planter. I’m indebted to their intentionality in helping me grow into the best church planter possible."

    Adam Muhtaseb
    Lead Planter/Pastor
    Redemption City Church
  • "I can’t say enough about TIMES12 and how they have blessed me as a pastor and church-planter. Above all, I love how gospel-centered they are and how it’s the focus of everything they do. The monthly coaching sessions have truly been invaluable to me as I’ve navigated the challenges of ministry… I leave every Collective feeling “filled up” through those monthly connecting opportunities. All that to say, if you’re looking to partner with a gospel-centered organization that can provide you with top-notch coaching and authentic community, you won’t find a better network than TIMES12!"

    Justin Dosch
    Lead Planter/Pastor
    True North Church
  • "TIMES12 is highly skilled at equipping church planters to be effective in their context. Every planter receives customized training to help the planter develop the skills and confidence they need as they launch their plant."

    Michael Willis
    Color Nine Group