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God Has The Plan. You Have A Vision. We Have The Tools.

Get the guidance, resources, and connections you need to plant the gospel-centered church you envision.

Customized Equipping

Every planter is unique and every community has different needs. We customize coaching and training for each planter’s Head, Heart, and Hands to start a culturally contextualized church. No cloning.

Proven Experience

Our Leadership Team has decades of fruitful experience – pastoring, planting churches, and leading an ever-expanding network that empowers planters and sending churches.

Relational Connecting

We’ll connect with you and facilitate the relationships you will need to prepare well and then plant a sustainable church that thrives for years to come.

Why Times12?

Hasty or hesitant. Many church planters are hasty and launch too fast, too soon. Others hesitate and remain stuck. Neither get to see their dream fulfilled.

Years of experience have shown the most successful church plants commit to biblical Gospel-Centered DNA and a proven process. That’s why TIMES12 will guide you in both.

Gain Access to the Tools and Guidance Needed to Plant Fruitfully and Sustainably

Strong Leadership Team
Connect with our experienced team backing you before you plant and long after the “birth” of your church so you thrive for years to come.
Exclusive Resources
Get access to useful tools we’ve curated on our online resource center that you can use as you plant and pastor. We also offer training courses to equip you as you equip those you lead.
Funds To Start
We provide 3-year grants to planters and training to help you raise funds through a team of giving partners. We’ll help you establish a budget and financial health in the critical years of planting.
Gospel-Centered DNA
Plant a Spirit-empowered church centered on Jesus and the gospel guided by our shared biblical DNA.
Custom Prep Plan
Get a customized plan to further develop your Head, Heart, and Hands, so you and your church flourish on the planting journey.
Relationships For Growth
Grow in your walk with Jesus and in the work of planting and pastoring through relationships we facilitate with coaches, trainers, peers, and our pastoral counselor for extra soul care.

Prepare To Plant
But Don't Walk Alone

When you are juggling family, a start-up, pastoring, fundraising, outreach and more, it’s easy to lose sight of the vision (and even yourself).

Before you felt a call to plant, Jesus called you to himself first as a beloved disciple. No matter the challenges you face, we are committed to reminding you that Jesus and the gospel is at the center of all you do – in both life and ministry.

Don’t walk alone!

Your Planting Journey With Us

How It Works

Schedule an introductory meeting with an experienced member of our team so we can hear your heart for planting and to explore whether a planting partnership may be a good fit. We will then explain what’s involved in a next step.

You will complete an online questionnaire, a face-to-face assessment, and a personalized plan we provide you to sharpen your Hands, Heart, and Head as a church planter so you fulfill your vision fruitfully.

We will provide you with a proven process called our Planting Pathway. This simple strategy provides sequential steps you can take and tools you use with your planting core group and the new church as it grows.

Realize your vision by planting a church that faithfully and fruitfully practices Gospel-Centered DNA that advances God’s kingdom and spreads his glory.

Schedule A Call Today

Schedule a call for an introductory meeting with an experienced member of our team so we can hear your heart for planting and explore whether a planting partnership may be a good fit. We will answer questions and explain what’s involved in a next step.

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The Need Is Great. God Is Able.

God’s used the proven expertise of TIMES12 to equip church planters and empower sending churches to expand his kingdom.

Our Plants & Churches
  • "I can’t say enough about TIMES12 and how they have blessed me as a pastor and church-planter. Above all, I love how gospel-centered they are and how it’s the focus of everything they do. The monthly coaching sessions have truly been invaluable to me as I’ve navigated the challenges of ministry… I leave every Collective feeling “filled up” through those monthly connecting opportunities. All that to say, if you’re looking to partner with a gospel-centered organization that can provide you with top-notch coaching and authentic community, you won’t find a better network than TIMES12!"

    Justin Dosch
    Lead Planter/Pastor
    True North Church
  • "The best thing about TIMES12 is the Collectives, where we have an opportunity once a month to connect with other church planters that are in the grind like you are doing the same thing you are doing."

    Derrick Parks
    Lead Planter/Pastor
    Epiphany Church of Wilmington
  • "There are times in church planting where the journey seems impossible. TIMES12 provides a holistic approach to support in ways that make it possible. Several key areas that have been essential for me as a planter/pastor are their personalized coaching, financial support, individual and corporate partnerships, and gospel-centered teamwork. Church planting is a miraculous work that God supplies, and I believe TIMES12 is the extension of God’s grace in this calling."

    Daniel Chung
    Lead Planter/Pastor
    Hill City Church
  • "Where do I begin when it comes to acknowledging the tremendous appreciation I have for TIMES12? From the customized prep plan to the personalized coaching to the Collectives. Personally, what has blessed my heart and soul since joining TIMES12 has been the culture the leadership has cultivated that is rooted in the grace of Jesus Christ and the love of the Father. TIMES12 emphasizes that they care about the man and not the performer and…how the pastor’s heart and soul are doing more than how successful (in numbers) the church is. Culture is everything for me, and this is the culture I want to be a part of and will invite other pastors and leaders to join."

    Daniel Dixon
    Lead Planter/Pastor
    Redeemer Fellowship VA