Our Values

Our leadership is committed to practicing these biblical values to forge the collective culture of TIMES12.

Here’s an overview of the values we are seeking to exemplify:

  • Gospel Centrality
  • Disciple Making
  • Customized Equipping
  • Multiplication
  • Contextualization
  • Ethnic Diversity
  • Kingdom Partnerships
  • Servant Leadership

To read more about our values, see Our Values.

  • "Through TIMES12, our church planters have been equipped in residency and are being coached on the field. Any church considering a church planting focus...any spiritual leader considering becoming a church planter...should take a prayerful look at this highly relational, gospel-centered ministry."

    Greg St. Cyr
    Lead Pastor
    Bay Area Community Church
  • "TIMES12 is highly skilled at equipping church planters to be effective in their context. Every planter receives customized training to help the planter develop the skills and confidence they need as they launch their plant."

    Michael Willis
    Color Nine Group
  • "TIMES12’s customized equipping developed me into a better church planter. I’m indebted to their intentionality in helping me grow into the best church planter possible."

    Adam Muhtaseb
    Lead Planter/Pastor
    Redemption City Church