Big News!

Posted on: February 8, 2022

Dear Mission Partners and Friends,

We have some big news! After wrestling for some time with the need to change our name, we have made that change.

We are excited to announce that TIMES12 is our new name! Here are two reasons we changed to the name TIMES12 and some FAQs. The reasons we chose our new name are: 1) TIMES12 Fits Our Vision, and 2) TIMES12 Eliminates Confusion.


TIMES12 Fits Our Vision

Multiplying disciples and churches is what we envision. Multiplication has been our vision and will continue to be our vision as we move into the future. TIMES12 reminds us of the way Jesus multiplied himself by training twelve disciples to be apostles he would commission to make disciples of all nations. The fruit that resulted from the training of the twelve by Jesus was a multiplying movement of disciples and churches that went worldwide and continues to our day. We love our name because it reminds us to follow in the way of Jesus, his message, and his methods for multiplying. TIMES12 is committed to equipping planters to multiply gospel-centered disciples and churches. To learn more, see


TIMES12 Eliminates Confusion

Selecting the name TIMES12 eliminates the confusion that existed between Sent Network and Send Network. People constantly confused these two church planting networks. Our new name, TIMES12, enables us to eliminate that confusion as we continue forward with our same mission.



Q: Can you explain the logo?
A: The X is a multiplication sign that reminds us of the multiplying movement of disciples and churches that resulted from the training of the twelve by Jesus. The light in the middle of the twelve-pronged X represents the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ expanding so that God’s glory spreads further and shines brighter.

Q: What can we expect with the rebrand and upgraded website?
A: You can expect the same commitment to our mission. We will continue to be a relational network that equips each church planter’s Head, Heart and Hands and collaborates with sending churches. Our rebrand and upgraded website will help us communicate clearly and better serve church planters and sending churches with online resources, tools, and training to multiply gospel-centered disciples and churches.

Q: What happens if someone goes to the old Sent Network website?
A: They will automatically be redirected to and notified that our new name is TIMES12.

Q: Will those who donate on a recurring basis need to set up a new account?
A: No. All recurring giving will continue through to the account for which it had been designated.

Q: How does one donate by check?
A: Mail checks payable to TIMES12. Use the same address: P.O. Box 1586, Annapolis, MD 21404

I hope this helps explain why we chose TIMES12 as we head into the future with our same mission and beliefs. If you would like a hard copy of this information, see Why TIMES12? If you have further questions we can help with, feel free to contact us at

Thank you so much for your partnership and friendship as we advance God’s kingdom by equipping planters to multiply gospel-centered disciples and churches!

With appreciation and excitement,

Mark McGeever
Executive Director | Equipper