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TIMES12 has proven expertise equipping church planters and empowering sending churches. Let us help you plant or send.

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Church Planters

A Christ-centered leader with a heart to expand God’s kingdom. That’s you. Let us walk with you as you plant and pastor a gospel-centered church.

Sending Churches

Do you believe God is leading your church to send gospel-centered church planters? Don’t go it alone. Let’s collaborate to prepare those you send.

God's Been Gracious

God’s used the proven expertise of TIMES12 to equip church planters and empower sending churches to expand his kingdom.

Our Plants & Churches
  • "TIMES12 cares for my soul, always point my family and me back to Christ, while equipping me with the necessary skills to plant The Well. "

    Matt Klingler
    Lead Planter/Pastor
    The Well Community Church
  • "TIMES12 is the only network you will find as a planter that is fully invested in your effectiveness. Most networks assume you have what you need, but the customized prep plan of TIMES12 helps planters develop real-time skills that will serve you throughout your church planting and pastoral journey. These are the skills that are most needed on the ground floor of planting and pastoring."

    Charlie Mitchell
    Lead Planter/Pastor
    Epiphany Church of Baltimore
  • "TIMES12’s customized equipping developed me into a better church planter. I’m indebted to their intentionality in helping me grow into the best church planter possible."

    Adam Muhtaseb
    Lead Planter/Pastor
    Redemption City Church
  • "There’s not a doubt in my mind that our church plant would be where it is today without the support we’ve received from TIMES12…I’ve received from TIMES12 phenomenal coaches and the friendships I’ve made within the network. I couldn’t be more grateful for the time, energy, and financial support we’ve received from everyone. I continue to recommend it to all my aspiring church planter friends in the area. May God continue to get glory through TIMES12!"

    Moses Lee
    Lead Planter/Pastor
    Rosebrook Presbyterian Church
  • "TIMES12 gives me as a planter and our church as a body customized equipping and care I haven’t found in any other network. The leaders are humble and experienced and emphasize Christ in everything the network does. TIMES12 also emphasizes things often neglected among pastors and churches ensuring the pastor is spiritually and emotionally healthy."

    Steve Reed
    Lead Planter/Pastor
    Doxology Church

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City of Bridges

Did you know that a study in 2006 revealed that Pittsburgh, PA has 446 bridges? More bridges than any other city in the world.1 Hence the nickname – City of Bridges. Like a bridge connects two separate sides of land, gospel-centered churches connect lost people to God through Jesus Christ.

Expanding West

EXPANDING WEST TIMES12 is expanding west into Utah through our partnership with lead planting pastor Austin Glenn. Austin already lives and serves Christ in Utah. He will complete his TIMES12 Customized Prep Plan with the help of our coaching and resources as he prepares to plant a church called King’s…

Training for Game Day

Daniel Dixon, a lead planting pastor with TIMES12, recently launched Redeemer Fellowship in Vienna, VA. It was their “game day opener” in what should prove to be significant “wins” for the gospel for many years to come. Intentional training played a part. Daniel, a former scholarship basketball player, understands the…