Posted on: February 19, 2019

Jorge and Sarah Solorzano moved back to the Annapolis area from El Salvador with a vision to share the gospel of reconciliation and plant a multi-ethnic church. This led to their partnering with SENT Network and Bay Area Community Church to prepare to plant Axis Church. They have now been commissioned to plant, are currently training their core team, and bringing the good news about Jesus to many. God is changing lives like Mirella through them.

Mirella was originally from Peru. She grew up going to church, but as the years went by, she stopped. She has been through many marriage and family struggles. She was separated from her husband when she started to seek God. More recently, she was connected with church planters, Jorge and Sarah, and others from Axis Church. Jorge and Sarah were able to share the gospel with Mirella and asked her if she had ever trusted Jesus as Lord and Savior, and she said no. She prayed right then, confessed she was a sinner, and accepted Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for her sins. Since centering on Jesus and the gospel, Mirella started seeking reconciliation in her marriage, asking Jorge and Sarah to help and pray for her husband Carlos. God did a work in Carlos’s heart, and he too said he was ready to seek reconciliation. Both Carlos and Mirella have been reconciled with God through Jesus, and now with one another. Not only were Carlos and Mirella recently baptized at Axis Church, but their 9-year-old son, Jayden, accepted Jesus after seeing his parents’ faith and was baptized with them. Praise God for saving the Torres’ household, just like He did in Acts 16 with the jailer and his family.

Thank you for giving through SENT Network as we partner with churches to equip church planters to reach a wide variety of subcultures with the gospel of reconciliation.

Advancing God’s kingdom with you,

Executive Director | Equipper
SENT Network