Posted on: November 3, 2020

Anxiety and tension characterize our society. Everyone seems to be on edge about the outcome of today’s election. Some threaten with hostile responses if their candidate isn’t elected. Many will express a tirade of harsh and demeaning words toward those elected if it wasn’t their choice.

How about us? What’s our posture, and how will we respond? No matter how the election goes, we must follow God’s ways in Scripture. Peter wrote to the believers, “Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor” (1 Pet 2:17). Earlier, he wrote that believers in Jesus were to be subject to the emperor and other governors (1 Pet 2:13). Though hard in our current context, we are to be subject to higher and lower civil authorities, even showing them honor. Hard to do? Yes, but remember two things that may help. First, remember that the ever-ruthless Nero was the reigning emperor at the time of Peter’s letter to these followers of Jesus (Nero reigned 54-68 A.D.). Certainly not easy for Peter and those he wrote to live out these commands. Let’s follow Peter’s teaching by honoring those elected with both our words and actions. Second, and more germane, remember as believers that God has already graciously transferred us from the domain of darkness into the kingdom of his beloved Son. No matter which candidate wins or loses, the reality is that we already live under the good reign of the ultimate Servant-King – Jesus. Despite the outcome of today’s election, we can be grateful that our citizenship is in a lasting kingdom, now and forever, the kingdom that cannot be shaken! (Phil 3:20-21; Col 1:13-14; Heb 12:28; Rev 21:1-5). Remember this on election day and every day.

Celebrating King Jesus,
Mark McGeever

Executive Director | Equipper
SENT Network