Church Planter Questionnaire

Introduction & Process

Planting a church is both thrilling and daunting! We are glad you are exploring a partnership with TIMES12 to help you accomplish your vision. God has used us to walk alongside church planters over the years to start churches in a wide variety of cultural contexts. TIMES12 equips planters to multiply gospel-centered disciples and churches. This includes personalized coaching, training, resources, grants and encouragement that planters need to thrive long after the church starts.

Completing this questionnaire does not commit you to partner with TIMES12. It just starts a process. Our process (summarized below) will help confirm whether we are a good fit for a planting partnership. If so, TIMES12 then seeks to equip a leader to plant more fruitfully. We are often asked, when does a partnership begin between a planter and TIMES12? A Partnership Agreement can be entered into only after one’s face-to-face assessment, if both the church planter and TIMES12 agree to move forward together. The steps to our process are as follows:

  1. Complete the Church Planter Questionnaire
  2. Initial phone interview with Assessments Director
  3. Face-to-face assessment (1 day), followed by a proposed Customized Prep Plan
  4. Planter attends a church planter workshop & decides to partner with TIMES12
  5. Planter completes Customized Prep Plan and is endorsed by TIMES12
  6. TIMES12 begins a planter’s grant and continues ongoing equipping of the planter

We are here to help if you have questions or issues. Please email to reach us.

Church Planter Questionnaire

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